3.5MM Franco (DIAMOND CUT)

Gold Color
Gold Purity
Chain Length

Available in 14kt/18kt Gold

Diamond Cut

Solid gold chain

Made in Italy 

All chains are stamped according to their purity

*Chain larger in picture to show detail

All sales are final with this piece, no returns

 3.5MM  Diamond Cut Franco chain gram weight listed below.

18 inch- Approx. 40.4 grams in 14kt gold

20 inch- Approx. 43.1 grams in 14kt gold

22 inch- Approx. 47.5 grams in 14kt gold

24 inch- Approx. 52.3 grams in 14kt gold

26 inch- Approx. 56.8 grams in 14kt gold

28 inch- Approx. 60.8 grams in 14kt gold

30 inch- Approx. 67.5 grams in 14kt gold

3.5MM 18kt Diamond Cut Franco chain gram weight listed below.

18 inch- Approx. 46.5 grams in 18kt gold

20 inch- Approx. 51.8  grams in 18kt gold

22 inch- Approx. 57 grams in 18kt gold

24 inch- Approx. 62 grams in 18kt gold

26 inch- Approx. 67 grams in 18kt gold

30 inch- Approx. 77.5 grams in 18kt gold

*All weights are an approximate number. Final chain weight may vary.